Commercial photographer Yorkshire: Trinity Square, Gateshead

Commercial photographer Yorkshire: Trinity Square in Gateshead was to be my last port of call outside of Yorkshire before Christmas and, although only a small square in the city centre, it proved to be an enjoyable shoot. All of the decorations here were external so it meant shooting at the blue hour, outside and without the problems of artificial lighting usually present in the malls.  I was onsite in plenty of time but a very strong wind was blowing and I was pretty worried that there would be problems with vibration of the camera during long exposures. Shooting in the twilight with small apertures and low ISO means shutter speeds of several seconds so the camera has to be rock steady. I shot in live view for most of the images because the mirror is locked up at this point lessening vibration from mirror slap. The use of a very expensive but sturdy tripod and a cable release was also essential in my fight against the blur gremlins.

Yorkshire commercial photographercommercial photographer Yorkshirecommercial photographer Yorkshirev

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