commercial photographer Wakefield: Gary Sunderland Hair Wizard

Commercial photographer Wakefield: Today I was in the studio shooting some commercial images for Gary Sunderland, a Wakefield based international hairdresser who is launching a new range of hair care products. When launched, the products will have  a wizard theme and so the brief was to shoot on a white background to allow the images to be composited with other vector graphics and to have a crystal ball put in the hands of the model. All the images here are ones that won’t be used for the product labels but I thought I post a few to give a taster of what we shot. The idea was for three hairstyles to represent shine, volume and style and we used 16yr old Kia as the model, who although she’d never modelled before, fitted the bill for what we wanted. The actual images will be full length shots but I created a few different crops so that Kia would have something for her model book (that’s the same girl in a wig at the end!). In the first image below, you can see the photo straight out of camera and then with some post processing applied and the crystal ball added. The mock-up of the final is along side. I have to stress this is just what I did in 10 minutes and it’s not the final shot as that will be done by the retouching house who are designing the actual labels. This is just my idea hastily composited using a stock shot of a crystal ball and a the universe as a backdrop!

Watch out for more images from this commission soon, but in the meantime, if you are looking for a Wakefield commercial photographer for your business, just give me a call on 01924 229800.

commercial photographer Wakefieldcommercial photographer Wakefieldcommercial photographer Wakefieldcommercial photographer Wakefield

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