Wakefield glamour photographer: Rebekah

Rebekah came over from Manchester for a glamour and fashion shoot to add to her portfolio and hopefully kick start her modelling career. We had a session in the new white corner I’ve had built and this was the first time I have used it since it was built 6 or 7 weeks ago! I loved it! The advantage it has over the white sweep I would normally use is that it is solid and allows the model to lean on the wall for support. Having some kind of prop, even something simple like the side of the white corner, makes the model relaxed and feel less vulnerable than the infinity curve, especially for a first time model like Becky. We shot both fashion and lingerie in the white section before moving on to shoot more lingerie in a couple of other sets before finishing off in the summer sun in the back garden. At least, it felt summery when I lit up the overcast day with a monobloc kitted out with a huge softbox :¬)

The keen eyed amongst you will notice the difference in facial expression between the first montage and the second montage. Becky definitely looks apprehensive in the first set but see how the nerves disappeared as the shoot progressed and she relaxed more. By the end of the shoot she was really enjoying herself and for me it shows in the images. Less experienced models, not just models but anyone being photographed, tend to be nervous at first but as soon as they realise how relaxed and fun the shoots are, then they relax too and the images flow. Building the rapport with the model is fundamental in getting the shots and as much a skill of the photographer as the lighting and technical side.


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