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Laura found me through an internet search and loved my work so much she drove up from Birmingham in the heavy rain for me to shoot her portfolio today. She’s just been signed to an agency and decided to get a portfolio update as she’s feeling a bit fired up about modelling again after a break from the scene. Previously, she did commercial and lifestyle modelling but has since decided to have a tattooed sleeve, the first of many tattoos, and has now decided to turn her hand to alt modelling. We began in the studio on a white sweep and did some fashion shots before hitting the bedroom set and the bathroom set for lingerie images but we ended up on the spiral staircase and in a gorgeous corner of the studio where the sunlight was creating beautiful shadows on the walls through the wooden blinds.

Wakefield glamour photographer

As soon as I put Laura on the stairs, and having seen the sunlight and shadows on the walls,  I knew straight away that I wanted to shoot some black-and-white Hollywood style portraits of her. I rigged up a couple of 500w redheads aka ‘hot lights’ and used the Fuji X-Pro 1, shooting in mono, as weapon of choice. The Fuji has been hailed by all and sundry, including some of the world’s most renowned photographers, as a DSLR killer and I fell for the hype hook, line and sinker and splashed the hard earn cash on a full kit. However, I can only assume all the reviewers of this camera have never shot with a high-end Nikon DSLR because there ain’t no way on this planet that the Fuji can hold a candle to my D4! There, I’ve said it! I’m going against the flow I know but hey! It’s no DSLR killer in my books. Having said that, it’s pretty darn good and the images I shot with it gave me a warm tingle as I viewed them on the back of the camera. In this post I’m showing only the images from the Fuji, just because it’s a different style to what I usually shoot. All the images are taken using either the 35mm f/1.4 or 55-200mm f/3.5~4.8. I have a boudoir shoot on Saturday and I suspect I may do something similar :¬)

Wakefield boudoir photographerWakefield boudoir photographerWakefield glamour photographerWakefield Glamour PhotographerWakefield Glamour Photographer

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