Wakefield commercial photographer: Redrow/ Enterprise Car PR shoot

Back again at The Granary in York for a Redrow PR shoot. This time my brief was to capture some images to go with a story decribing the scheme run in conjunction with Enterprise Car Rental whereby a car is left permanently on the development and can be booked out by residents who only need a car for occasional use. This allows the residents of the new development to commute into York on public transport and use the car when required. The light was pretty harsh and I had to use a background that didn’t have a car on the driveway already. This meant shooting straight into the sun so I had to use a lot of flash to overpower the harsh light. I used a couple of Profoto A1 speedlights, unmodified and just about on full power to get the images. I also popped off a few shots of the team in front of the Redrow sinage which was much easier as the light was more off to the side.

Wakefiueld commercial Photographer
Wakefiueld commercial Photographer
Wakefiueld commercial Photographer
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