Salford Quays

I dropped by Salford Quays late this afternoon to do some dusk architecture shots and also to recce the place for a future visit. By the time I got there, the very heavy rain and low cloud meant that it was almost dark so I just headed for the nearest vantage point and took a few shots. The trick with dusk shots is to shoot just before it gets dark; you don’t want black night skies as it makes it very difficult to expose for the highlights in the image. The first shot was taken just at dusk and the others later as the sky darkened and the street lighting came on. Notice how the sky has gone from grey to royal blue to shades of purple as the sodium vapour lights begin to kick in. In the last image you can see that by using around 4stops of ND filter, I’ve recorded the sky as a blur as the clouds whipped by during the long exposure! After quick shoot, I walked back to the car, soaked but at least I now know where to go next time I visit and hopefully, the weather will be a lot kinder.

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