Press photography for Bellway Homes

I travelled to Adel near Leeds today to shoot some press photography for Bellway Homes. I’ve worked as a press & PR photographer for Bellway on several occassions now and today’s brief was to create some dynamic images to go with a press release regarding Bellway Homes providing funds to refurbish the bowling pavillion at Adel Bowls Club. The day was very cold with a hard ground frost but blue skies and I knew that if I could get the bowling team outside, the images could be made to look spectacular. I needed shots with the pavillion in the background but this meant shooting directly into the sun but as an experienced professional photographer, this wasn’t a problem for me but more of an opportunity. I used a bare 500w Profoto B1 head to really hit the subjects hard and to overpower the sun which then became the fill light or backlight. The strong winter sun has given a lovely highlight to the backs of the bowls players and by under-exposing by about 2 stops, I’ve retained the detail in the sky. Here is my favourite image which I know the client will love and it will look tremendous alongside any press article. To book me for your press and PR photography, just call me or use the contact pages.

press & PR photography for Bellway Homes
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