Lighting demo at Wakefield Camera Club

Following on from the packshot session earlier, I was at Wakefield camera club’s meeting for one of my tri-monthly lighting demos. I decided to make the theme of the shoot to be about shooting on the fly  with minimal lights and how to try and spot features in an apparently featureless room that would make a backdrop to a portrait. Thinking quickly about location, how to light it and how best to make use of it is something that crops up all the time in my job, whether it be shooting at a wedding or shooting some corporate images on location for a client. Its all about having the ability to spot what will and what won’t work. I never take many images once I’ve set the lights up, I prefer to get the club members shooting so I don’t have a lot of images, but here is a shot of Leanne sat on the edge of the concert stage in the club venue using the black theatre curtains in the background. We then moved onto using a vertical blind for a backdrop and I think everyone had a good chance to shoot and enjoyed the session.

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