Headshots on location: Swan Energy

As a commercial photographer, one of the things I regularly get asked to do are headshots on location, usually at the offices of the company. Today I was over in Slaiithwaite, Huddersfield to create some on location headshots for Swan Energy. The offices were very small indeed, simply in an old one up one down terrace house, and this type of location could present problems. Certainly there was nowhere to set up any kind of back drop or complex light set-ups, but this is where experience comes into play. I simply used a plain. light-coloured wall as a background and by lighting it with a speedlight, I was able to wash out any colour and make it appear white. I then brought in a second speedlight in my small Westcott Octa that I use so very often, and set this up as a key light slightly high and at 45degrees to the subject. Using this simple light setup, I was able to create some studio style portraits for the website. Once I had done headshots of the staff, I then made a quick executive portrait of the director at his desk. Again, a simple light setup using a single SB800 in the octa and balancing it to daylight allowed me to create an executive portrait with the company branding in the background.

If you would like staff headshots for a website or social media, just give me a call on 01924 229800 to discuss


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