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glamour photographer West Yorkshire

Glamour photographer West Yorkshire: A portfolio shoot for Hollie

Glamour photographer West Yorkshire: Hollie came over to the studio after finding my website while looking for a photographer to update her portfolio. She models as a sideline to her day job and has several shoots with local photographers who have given her images for her model book but they are not really up to the mark. Hollie sent me some of the images before she came over and to be honest, I wouldn’t have guessed it was the same person! None of the photos did her any justice at all. The problem these days, in all fields of photography, is that there are many people out there who have come to photography since the age of digital and are just clicking away without understanding exposure and lighting and they have a ‘fix it in Photoshop’ mentality. If you are looking for high quality images for your portfolio, then choosing a photographer that understands how to use light and create great images in camera can really be a huge benefit to your career. You are far more likely to be successful in getting modeling jobs if you have a dozen fabulous images in your portfolio rather than lots of selfies or low quality images.

if you would like a fabulous portfolio shoot, then just give me a call on 01924 229800 or send an email via the contact form above. You can visit my glamour website Vervestudio for more information and I can guarantee you some fabulous images. Here is just a very small selection of the ones I shot for Hollie.

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