Forget swine flu, I’ve got the far more serious man flu!

It’s ridiculous that in all this hot weather, I’ve gone down with a serious case of man flu and I’m feeling very ropey today and I’ve a wedding tomorrow! On top of that I’ve broken a crown and had to go to the dentist for what was billed as an extraction, but luckily enough it now looks like they can save the crown and rebuild it, although he discovered that after he’d given me enough anesthetic in the face to stop a rottweiler! Couldn’t be bothered to do much so spent the day watching glorious doom metal videos on YouTube and messing with Photoshop! Just so you don’t miss out on the best death growl in the business from Anders Jacobsson, here’s my favourite band – Sweden’s Draconian with the awesome ‘Bloodflower’  track recorded on a recent tour of Israel. (sorry, I had to remove the vid and just add a link to Youtube as my bandwith exploded with the downloads!!)

And, just to keep things in photographic context, here’s a repost of one of my favourite goth pictures of Josephine aka Beautiful Disgrace that I photographed on location in Dark Arches, Leeds. The image was made using a couple of speedlights, one gelled CTB and the other gelled CTO with WB of tungsten just to get the whole cool/warm thing going on. If, you’re interested in learning this stuff, stand by for the street photography workshops later in the autumn. And definately check out the vid!

Wakefield fashion and commercial photographer John Gardner

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