Commercial photographer York: WIS uniform shoot

Looking for a commercial photographer York? Look no further, WIS didn’t and today I was on site at their offices at York Business Park to photograph the new uniforms for their web and print. Sometimes, shoots don’t always  go to plan and this is where my experience as a professional commercial photographer comes into play. I was told that the brief was to shoot headshots of managers who would all be on site for a conference. I asked if they needed a specific background colour but was told white would be fine so I knew I could create a white background by simply lighting a pale coloured wall with flash. However, on arrival, it soon became clear that the requirement was for full length shots on a high key white background and I hadn’t brought a backdrop with me! After the initial panic, I decided to go with a white sheet (which one of the staff managed to acquire) taped to the wall to hide the wooden skirting board, and to stand the subjects in front of a narrow strip of white wall. I needed to be able to step back to create full length shots so it was the focal length of the lens which influenced where we set up. I hate shooting full length shots with a wide angle lens, I see this all too often and the distortion affect, whereby people seem to taper away to a point at their feet, is something I just can’t live with. I really needed to shoot with my 70-200mm for a better perspective, so shooting from inside an empty meeting room out into small corridor seemed the best option! In true ‘strobist’ style, I used a Nikon speedlight in a 40cm octa to light the wall and added a bare speedlight for further lighting at the base of the wall and I used a Profoto B1 head in a 70cm Rotalux as key light. So long as I could get the whites white, I knew I could reasonably easily cut the staff out in post and create the effect the client wanted. However, I didn’t want to have to spend hours in Photoshop so the better I got things right in camera, the easier the post production would be.

In the end it turned out fine and here is a montage of some of the images we shot. I’ve also posted an image showing the set up and to illustrate what a confined environment I had to shoot in. If you are in need of images for your business, it makes sense to use a full time professional commercial photographer, so why not give me a call on 01924 229800?

commercial photographer York
York commercial photographer
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