Alt Model photographer: Shoot Madness 2017

If you are an alternative model in need of an alt model photographer then look no further – I LOVE shooting alt models in the studio or on location. So, it was no suprise I got myself on the Shoot Madness 2017 at Home night club in Lincoln. We took over the venue during the daytime and were allocated half hour slots with the models to create images – all very frantic and rushed. It was a bit like speed dating for photographers! I never got to shoot half the models that were available but there were a couple I had my eye on fromn the start and I managed a session with them so all ended well. It was a good portfolio builder day for me and shooting under pressure does tend to sort the men from the boys as you have to really think on your feet to find a location, set up and execute the shots quickly. All my shots were taken with the Pentax 645z using a single Nikon SB800 speedlight in 70cm octa as key light. On a couple of shots, I dropped in a snooted or gelled SB800 as a kicker but generally, just went with the single light and dragged the shutter to bring in ambient. Here’s a sample of what I shot…………

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