A new look BLOG

I’ve enjoyed keeping my blog up to date and posting snippets of what I’ve been up to photographically, but for a while I’ve been wanting the blog to be more interactive and to allow and encourage feedback or comments on the images and work I’m posting. So, with that in mind I give you the all new blog with full interactivity. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think;  is it too cluttered? Can you navigate easily? Is it intuitive and can you use the features easily?

I can take criticism on the chin so let me know what you think about this new venture and also of there’s anything specific you’d like to see featured. Regular visitors can subscribe or register and get a username so that I know who’s left comments but you can always comment anonymously without logging in.

If the new blog seems to be successful, I think I’ll go back and plug in some of the old blog posts and enter them as if they’d been done on that day. I think it would make more sense doing that and would allow some archived material to be available for perusal as there’s not really an easy way of linking back to the old style blog.

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