Lincolnshire commercial photographer: Marshall’s Yard

Lincolnshire commercial photographer: Marshall’s Yard, Gainsborough

Tonight, for one night only, in 2016 at least, I was a Lincolnshire commercial photographer as I headed out of the county  to photograph the Fizzco Christmas lights installation at Marshall’s Yard. Donning my green tights and green hat with pointy pheasant feather along with the Pentax 645z, I set off sown the A1 to Gainsborough. Unfortunately, the blue hour coincided with rush hour and it was a game of cat and mouse for me running out into the road to grab an image before the next onslaught of traffic as the lights chnaged back to green. However, in the end I managed to get the images I wanted before heading onwarads and southwards to Loughborough to give one of my natural history talks to Loughborough RSPB members’ group.


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