Baby bump shoot

Mana and Matthew booked in for a baby bump shoot to celebrate the impending arrival of their first child due in just a couple of weeks. Maternity shoots are always good fun and a great way of remebering your preganancy. As always, I shot both high key and low key backgrounds creating individual portraits amd couples shots. Here are just a couple from the shoot. To book me for your maternity shoot, just call the studio on 01924 229800 to chat.
maternity photo shoot Wakefield baby bump shoot

Portfolio builder day and studio workshop

studio day West Yorkshire

Today was the second part of the portfolio builder day and also a studio workshop day. Today’s delegates had booked a session with Ayla in my studio to learn a bit about lighting and posing a model. I demonstrated a few different set-ups including high key and low key using only a couple of lights and there was ample opportunity to shoot with the model and try out the different techniques. If you’d like to be informed of when the next workshop is taking place, just drop me a mail via the contact form on here.
portfolio photographer Wakefield

photography workshop Wakefield

photography workshop Wakefield

  • khurshid alam - February 14, 2017 - 9:53 pm

    congratulation,your studio portraits is amazing & sharp.
    i am using canon iD mark iv & nikon but it is not sharp like medium
    format camera like pentax645z.
    could you please tel me what camera & lens use for this amazing portrait amazing this portrait?
    best regard
    khurshid alam

portfolio builder dayToday I ran a portfolio builder day at an old industrial site in South Yorkshire for around eight photographers. This was an opportunity for the participants to get some different images for their portfolios with one of my regular models, Ayla. The theme was ballet and art nudes in an industrial landscape and despite the low temperatures, Ayla delivered her usual 100% effort in helping the photographers get their shots. We began with some leaping ballerina shots in the main forge area, followed by ballet and art nudes around the site. I think there will be much more scope next summer when I repeat the workshop in warmer temperatures but for now, here are a few images from my promo shoot to give you an idea of what the delegatres were shooting.

portfolio builder day portfolio builder day art nude industrial landscape art nude industrial landscape art nude workshop




Studio lighting demonstration at Wakefield Camera Club

Tonight I gave a studio lighting demonstration to members of Wakefield Camera Club. I usually do these for the photographic club three or four times a year to give the members a chance to have a go at creating some portraits for the portfolio or club competitions. I usually keep the lighting simple, using only a single light source or, at most, two lights. Tonight we used two lights to photograph Sarah, my model for the evening, in order to use an accent light to lift her out of the dark background. You may recognise Sarah from a shoot erlier in the year when she and her fellow performer, Will, booked me to shoot some portfolio images for their website as the Rolling Keys. Sarah is easy to work with which is why I asked if she’d help me out tonight. The shoot went well and the members enjoyed working with Sarah and I’m sure they got some great images.

If you’re interested in joining Wakefield Camera Club, take a look at their website here
studio lighting demonstration

Location fashion photography: Wakefiekl fashion photographer on location

Leeds fashion photographer

I had a really great day shooting some location fashioon photography at Burton Agnes hall today. I worked with around 5 models during the course of the day and shot in various locations around the stately home which was just the most amazing backdrop for the shoot. We had full run of the house for the day and were able to use many of the rooms as freely as we wanted which was just incredible. None of the usual ‘no flash photography’ syndrome that prevails at most stately homes and so I was able to create some images inside the house that I am really pleased with using my Profoto B1 heads fitted with a Rotalux octa or simple grid. The house opened to the public at 11:00 and so we could only shoot lingerie until then, after which we concentrated on fashion images bnoth inside and out.  The models, hair and make-up girls were all outstanding and it was one of my favourite shoots so far this year.

location glamour photographer fashion photographer Wakefield in Burton Agnes Hall Leeds fashion photographer Leeds fashion photographer fashion photography stately home fashion photography stately home buragn022 fashion photography stately home Wakefield fashion photographer Wakefield fashion photographer Wakefield fashion photographer


The image above and below were created using the Profoto B1 outside the building to give the effect of natural light coming  through the window. Using the Profoto Air trigger, the flash was easily fired and controlled from inside the building. Wakefield fashion photographer Wakefield fashion photographer portraits photography on location fashion photographer Yorkshire Wakefield fashion photographer location fashion photography Leeds fashion photographer location fashion photography Leeds fashion photographer

Wakefield PR photographer: Yorkshire Air Ambulance family fun day

I’ve worked for Yorkshire Air Ambulance a few times now in my role as a Walefield PR photographer and today I was at their family fun day which was a big party for all the friends, families and fund raisers of YAA. The event took place at the Nostell air base, just down the road from where I live, and was going to be an big outdoor jamboree but the weather put paid to that. The rain came down in torrents and the bouncy castle was more like a paddling pool and no-one had brought their swimming costunes! However, the hangars are large and the event continued uninterrupted indoors with barbeque, ice cream and family games. We were all invited to get a close-up look at the helicopters, expecially the latest one which had only just arrived at the base. As we stood in the pouring rain admiring the new craft, the siren to scramble sounded out and it was a case of quickly getting everyone off the helipad as the crew dashed to the aircraft for its maiden rescue flight. Within minutes, the craft was airborne and off into the grey skies bound for Ossett but it was a super opportunity to gets some shots of the new bird taking off. Within 45minutes, the hekicopter and crew were back and the party continued as did the torrential rain!

commercial photographer Wakefield Wakefield PR photographer Wakefield PR photographer

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