Dog photographer: smooth haired miniature dachshund

If you’re looking for a dog photographer in the Wakefield and Leeds area, then look no further :¬) That’s exactly what Sheryl did and today she was in the studio with her smooth-haired miniature dachshund known as Señor (as in the Spanish sen-yor). To be honest, he was a lot more active than I would have given him credit for and, as is often the case with animals, he hardly ever posed where I wanted him to and did his best to avoid the camera! In the end though, I managed a few nice images of him though I had intended to also shoot him outdoors with a super-tele to get some really nice portraits with a soft out of focus background but the high wind and driving rain put paid to that! However, we got by in the studio using a barley coloured background and a black background. I love shooting the classic portraits on black, especially when it’s a black subject.  Here’s just a couple from the shoot which I think will look great printed large on canvas or as a framed image.

if you’d like a professional portrait of your pet, be it dog, cat, rabbit or hamster, just give me a call on 01924 229800 for a chat. dog photographer Wakefield miniature dachshund

dog photographer Wakefield miniature dachshund

Wakefield commercial photographer: Commercial portraits for West Yorkshire Conservatories

West Yorkshire Conservatories were looking for a Wakefield commercial photographer to create some location portraits and headshots of marketing manager Andy Miller and decided to give me a call. After chatting through their requirements and discussing locations, we settled on today for the shoot. We did the photoshoot in the company’s Wakefield factory on Thornes Lane which was a hive of activity as windows and other units were being assembled but we managed to find a space to create some business portraits of Andy. I used a single Profoto B1 for much of the shoot fitted with a 70cm Rotalux to give me a soft, even light and dragged the shutter to bring in some ambient. My workhorse 70-200mm allowed me to create a variety of shots to give the designers a choice of images to work with. I finished the shoot with a darker light set-up and used a second B1 to give a little kick to the lighting.

commercial photographer Wakefield

Wakefield commercial photographer: BBR Graphics brochure photography

This week, BBRG Graphics booked me as their Wakefield commercial photographer to create new images for their brochures and website. The shoot took place at their depot in Ossett where the company specialises in reconditioning large printing machines, and the brief was to capture images of the depot and of the staff at work. I spent a couple of hours there getting a few images of the guys at work and also a few images of the office staff, but the wild, wet weather thwarted my attempts at the external images so I decided to split the shoot into two and visit again when I have a better sky for the shots! Here is a selection of images from the first shoot done indoors using a couple of Profoto B1 heads for light. Lighting in these type of location is often difficult as there is always a mixture of light sources which makes it difficult to balance the colour temperature. I’ll post more images after the second shoot as soon as I get a decent day to shoot the exterior.

commercial photography Wakefield Wakefield commercial photographer Wakefield commercial photographer

Photography workshop Wakefield | Leeds photography Workshop | Photography workshop Yorkshire

Wakefield commercial photographer

I’ve just finished my first two day studio based photography workshop which was a great success. I used Ipswich based model Ayla Rose and the theme of the workshop was a ‘flour ballet’ shoot. This entailed Ayla leaping around the studio throwing flour into the air and creating some amazing shapes. By using a simple cross lighting set-up, the clouds of flour dust become back lit creating some spectacular images. When I am running workshops, I don’t shoot, it’s frustrating but fair and I even offer my cameras to delegates if they want to try different lenses and cameras. So, I’ve included one of my images here taken on a previous shoot when I first brought Ayla to the studio to shoot the flour concept for myself. Because I had Ayla booked for two days, I was able to keep a 2hr slot free for my own personal work and I used this time to shoot some beautiful figure studies and also some soft feminine ballerina portraits which will be the theme for the next workshop with Ayla in the new year. Although Ayla is noted for her gymnastic prowess and ability to create amazing figure study shapes, she’s also makes a great lingerie model and I shot a quick set in front of a large window combined with a single light from a Profoto B1 in an octabox to create some really soft, pastel images.

To get the jump shot like the one below, the flash duration has to be very fast which is where the Profoto B1 heads excel with their ‘freeze’ mode which delivers a lower power discharge but at at extremely high speed. The whole shoot was a great success and there have been some amazing images posted by the workshop delegates on Facebook and other social media. Many people have contacted me and asked when the next workshop is likely to be and I can say that the next one featuring Ayla will be in February 2016 but if you can’t wait that long, watch the workshop pages on here to catch an earlier one with a different model. If you want to be notified of the next workshop, just fill in a contact form to be added to the mailing list.

art nude photography workshop

art nude photography workshop

Wakefield commercial photographer | photography workshops Wakefield Wakefield fashiom photographer

Wakefield wedding photographer: Bev & Chris

As a Wakefield wedding photographer I love last minute bookings and Bev & Chris’ wedding was certainly that as they only made contact a week ago! The wedding was all arranged in roughly three weeks by the couple who decided to surprise their family by tying the knot at their Lofthouse home this weekend. The family all gathered at the couples’ home thinking they were getting a minibus to a wedding venue but little did they know, except for just one or two helpers, that the wedding was taking place at the family bungalow. With the guests were gathering and having a few drinks, the couple had sloped off to the Wakefield registry office to get the official requirements out of the way before heading back to their house where the wedding ceremony would take place. A small marquee had been erected at the side of the house but due to there being shutters on the back doors and windows, no-one suspected a thing. Out in the back garden, a hog roast was being prepared for the wedding breakfast and the canapes were sitting in the utility room wait to be served along with the bottles of Prosecco and the wedding cake.

What a surprise for the guests when the couple walked in and began the celebrations with champagne reception and the canapes before gathering in the marque for the wedding. The whole affair was attended by around 60 family members and despite it being rather crowded in the house due to the wild autumn weather, the whole thing went off without a hitch. It was a lovely small, family affair and great fun to shoot.

Wakefield wedding photographer

Wakefield wedding photographer Wakefield wedding photographer Wakefield wedding photographer Wakefield wedding photographer wedding photographer Wakefield Wakefield wedding photographer wedding photographer Wakefield

Wakefield wedding photographer

wedding photographer Wakefield wedding photographer Wakefield wedding photographer Leeds wedding photographer Leeds Wakefield wedding photographer Wakefield wedding photographer wedding photographer Leeds wedding photographer Leeds wedding photographer Leeds

Wakefield wedding photographer

Wakefield wedding photographer

Wakefield headshots photographer: Guy Cattell

Wakefield headshots photographer

Guy came across my website while looking for a Wakefield headshots photographer as he was in need of some high quality, professional images for his own website and for social media websites. Having worked for a large supermarket chain for a long time, Guy has now set up his own business in retail solutions and required some professional shots for his new venture. Having professional images is well worth investing in as it projects the right image to your clients, far more than any image taken on a smart phone or in the corner of a room by a family member or worse, a selfie! We did a range of images on both white and black backgrounds and with a couple of changes of shirts. To book me for your headshots, just call the studio on 01924 229800.

Wakefield headshots photographer Wakefield headshots photographer Wakefield headshots photographer Wakefield headshots photographer

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