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lighting workshops for photographers

It was only yesterday when Amy was in the studio for her first shoot in front of the camera and today she got a baptism of fire in her efforts to be a part time model when I called her up and asked her to be the model at my lighting workshop for photographers in Doncaster! Due to a mix-up, my intended model couldn’t make the shoot and so I had to ring round quickly to get a substitute at short notice. It made perfect sense to ask Amy to stand in as she was buzzing from the shoot yesterday and was looking to gain some experience so she jumped at the chance.

I was booked to give a one light workshop to Axholme Camera Club over on the Doncaster/Lincolnshire borders. We had Axholme church booked for the shoot and I was to show the delegates how to create some professional looking portraits using a single off camera flash. I kept the techniques simple so that the photographers could go away from the workshop and create beautiful portraits with just a single flash and a reflector, the sort of equipment that most photographers already own. By getting the flash in close and using the shutter to drop the ambient light, I was able to demonstrate how to get a dark background without any distractions. After the event, I gave a demo to a couple of photographers on how to create some dynamic and dramatic movie poster styled images using a single flash to overpower the sun. It was a bright sunny day and I made the shots at 1pm, just about the worst time for photography as the sun is high and harsh. However, by placing the sun behind the model and then under exposing the ambient light by a couple of stops, I was then able to use the very powerful Profoto B1 to light the model.

one light workshop lighting workshops for photographers

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off camera flash workshops

off camera flash workshops

Headshot photography Wakefield | Leeds headshot photographer | headshots for actors and models West Yorkshire

Sophie was in need of a Leeds headshot photographer to create some images for her application to work on cruise ships. Sophie spends all her time working on the cruise liners and is now applying for a job on one of the newest liners which required her to have some professional headshots to submit along with the application. I shoot a lot of headshots for actors and musicians these days and also for Linkedin profiles too. A good, professional headshot is an excellent way of introducing yourself to your prospective employer or your clients, it says far more about you than a selfie! If you’d like a professional headshot image for your buisness, just give me a call on 01924 229800 to discuss.

headshot photographer Wakefield headshot photographer West Yorkshire headshots for actors and models headshot photographer West Yorkshire

Wakefield fashion photographer: A fashion portfolio for Amy

model portfolio

After having attended a couple of my workshops, Paul asked if he could bring his granddaughter Amy to my studio and shoot a fashion portfolio for her as it was something she’d always wanted to try and was thinking of trying to get some work as a part time model. Of course I agreed and offered to help with lighting and setting up if he needed me. Amy arrived and was quite  a confident model even though she had never done anything like this before and the idea was to shoot some ‘girl-next-door’ images and then move on to fashion. Modelling is not as easy as it appears and having the confidence to pose and, more importantly, to be able to move for the camera is a skill in itself. However, Amy gave it her best shot and we got some pleasing images and both Paul and Amy enjoyed the session. It was clear to me though, that Amy felt far more relaxed with me shooting her than with her grandad! I guess it’s hard to relax and give it your all when the photographer a relative. Amy is already looking forward to her summer break from university when she can come back for another shoot. She’s got some great starter images for her model book and here are a few I have edited up from the shoot.

fashion photographer Wakefield model portfolio

West Yorkshire fashion model

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boudoir & glamour photographer Wakefield: Hollywood glamour for Lyndsay

boudoir & glamour photographer Wakefieldboudoir & glamour photographer Wakefield: Lyndsay is an experienced model but was really looking for some high quality images to update her model book when she found me. After a couple of quick emails discussing the shoot, we met in the studio to create some Hollywood style black-and-white portraits as well as a few headshots and glamour themed images. We began with a headshot session using my favourite beauty lighting on a mid-grey background to create some lovely portraits of Lyndsay. Following the headshots, I created a classic Hollywood lighting feel for the gorgeous boudoir session we did and I used a combination of 85mm f/1,8 and 135mm f/2 DC for all the images and shot wide open for a beautifully shallow DOF. 
LINHUD0070a LINHUD0072a glamour photographer Wakefield boudoir photographer Wakefield

West Yorkshire boudoir photographer

glamour photographer Wakefield

Wakefield commercial photographer: Nationwide call centre

Continuing a busy Easter week, I was again wearing my Wakefield commercial photographer hat but this time for a new client – Nationwide. I was booked through a marketing agency to shoot some images of Nationwide’s call centre staff on Paragon business park with the brief of capturing natural shots of the staff at work on the telephones, interacting with each other and also to grab a few images of the front of the building. I really enjoy the challenge of creating images on location and used a simple two light set-up with a couple of off camera flashes. The key light was pushed through a small octabox and I used an accent light fitted with a home-made snoot to carve the subjects out of the background. The exposures were, of course, balanced to ambient and once this was done, it was just a case of walking round the office capturing the images. As ever, my go to lens was the 70-200 as I just love the shallow DOF wide open, but I did use the 50mm f/1.4 a few times. I’ve recently fallen back in love with the humble ‘nifty fifty’ and have been using it for a good few shoots, paired with the exquisite 135mm f/2 DC lens which delivers some dreamy OOF backgrounds. Here’s a sample of what I shot on the day and if you are looking for a Wakefield commercial photographer, then just give me a call on 01924 229800 to discuss your requirements.

Leeds commercial photographer Wakefield commercial photographer

West Yorkshire commercial photographer

Ballerina photography workshop Wakefield

ballerina photography workshopOver the Easter break I had Ayla in the studio for a ballerina photography workshop over two days. The photography workshops on both days were sold out and those delegates that attended captured some amazing images of Ayla as a ballerina as well as creating fine art figure studies. The ballet themed session was definitely my favourite of the day and we shot some fabulous high key studies in white and amazing low key images on black, very much along the black swan style. When I am running a workshop, I am simply there to facilitate, advise with lighting and composition and and not take photographs myself, so as always, I reserve a slot of time for my personal work which allows me to create my own images and to style the shoot for the clients. Here are a few of  the images I took of Ayla as a ballet dancer. I have Ayla back in the studio in June and I know places will sell out quickly, so if you would like to come along and capture images like these, send me an email via the contact pages to be notified of the event. You can always call me on 01924 229800 to discuss or reserve a place.

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photographic workshops Yorkshire

bllerina photography workshop Wakefield

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