Wakefield Commercial Photographer: ROAN Building Systems 

Once again ROAN Building Systems used me as their Wakefield commercial photographer to capture some images of on of their building systems in use by Severfields at Thirsk in North Yorkshire. The light was totally against me for the shoot but there was a tight deadline to get the images otherwise I would have been tempted to shoot at dawn on a different day. However, I have to make the best of the situation I am presented with at the time so I did my best to get the shots despite shooting straight into the spring sunshine which is beginning to get rather harsh!

Wakefield commercial photographer

A postcard from Rotterdam

Street photography Rotterdam

I nipped over to the Netherlands at Easter to have a few days of street photography Rotterdam style. This city, only a short drive from the Europort, is noted for its clean and modern architecture and I’ve been fancying going over there for a while now. Given the fact the Euro is pretty humble right now, it also made for a great opportunity to pick up some new gear at a rather sizeable discount compared to the UK :¬) So, as it was a family break, I left my trusted professional, large DSLR system at home and instead took only the small Fuji mirrorless system. Although the Fuji is a fine camera, the battery life left me a broken man! I took three fully charged batteries for around four days shooting and thought I wouldn’t take a charger as one of the days wouldn’t be a full day. Big mistake! I pounded the first battery into submission on day one and that wasn’t even a full day’s shooting! I know it was the long exposures of the Erasmus Bridge at dusk that hit it hard but but by the end of the second day, I’d hammered all three! The last day, Easter Sunday, was a beautiful sunny day and I managed three or four shots before the XT-1 finally died with an image count of around 590 over the three batteries. My Nikon D4 on 3x fully charged batteries would have done around 5-6000 images! I always learn the hard way. It’s because this is the first time I used the XT-1 in anger, rather than just using it on afternoon walks with the family.

I thought I’d string a few of the images together into a slideshow, most are from Rotterdam, some are from Delft and Utrecht.

West Yorkshire commercial photographer: corporate headshots for Roan Buildings Solutions

As a West Yorkshire commercial photographer it’s great to build up a relationship with clients and shoot on a regular basis for them. Today I was back on site at the Raon Buildings Solution office in Wakefield to shoot some corporate headshots of new starters and internal movers. The brief was to create some professional corporate headshots on a plain white background for use on the website, the same style as I have previously created for them, and then to shoot some groups shots of site managers outdoors. No need for elaborate backdrops, a simple white wall, two speedlights, a couple of radio triggers and a softbox and I’m good to go. I set up in a small conference room and pulled a table and chair in front of a narrow section of wall between the room corner and the window; tiny, but it was enough to give me a plain background, especially once I’d hit it with a bare light at 1/16 set low behind the subject. Once I had my background to the right level, I simply brought in another speedlight mounted with a 70cm softbox as key and shot at around 1/8 power to give me a good working aperture of around f/11. Once I had the chair and table in place it was just a matter of bringing the staff in one at a time and getting them to relax. The table acts as a comfort aid and the subject feels less exposed and tends to relax pretty much from the off.

Once I had the headshots in the can, I quickly changed the height of the lights so that I could get some shots of the guys in hard hats in a standing position and then we headed outside to brave the winds and cold for a group shot. Here I simply metered for ambient, dialled down the exposure then brought in a bare speedlight as a key light. In a matter of moments the shoot was over and I was able to pretty much present the images straight out of camera without any need for edits.

corporate portraits West Yoirkshire
West Yorkshire commercial photographer

West Yorkshire Boudoir Photographer: Romantic couple shoot

West Yorkshire boudoir photographer couples shoot: Lyndsay is an aspiring actor and entertainer and was over at my studio a few months ago after looking for a Yorkshire headshots photographer and finding my site. In just a short space of time I created some gorgeous headshots for her which Lyndsay told me had been very well received by her agencies and the casting agents and had helped her land a part in the new Jack Whitehall feature film ‘Bad Education”. So, when Lyndsay was looking for a boudoir photographer to shoot an intimate and romantic couples shoot as a present for fiance Richard, her first thought was to book with me :¬)

Today the couple were in the studio for the shoot which went really well and was good fun and relaxed. We began with some fun portraits on a soft grey background before moving on to shoot some lingerie images similar to the ones we often see in underwear adverts. Lyndsay had expressed a wish to have most of the images in black and white, so I used tungsen lighting which I think lends itself greatly to mono images, giving that really old fashioned Hollywood feel. I shoot with the camera set to black and white so that I can get a feel for the shadows and contrast but, of course, the images are captured as colour RAW files and so can be printed in either format. Here are a couple in black and white to give a feel for the session. If you’d like to book a couples photoshoot, just call the studio on 01924 229800 for a chat.

West Yorkshire boudoir photographer
romantic couples shoot
West Yorkshire boudoir photographer

Portrait photographer Wakefield | West Yorkshire portrait photographer | Print presentation boxes

As a West Yorkshire portrait photographer I am always looking to add new ways of presenting beautiful images to the client. My latest offering is a gorgeous print box which displays 10 beautiful, hand printed images in a bespoke black box tied up with a ribbon, The box even comes with its own exquisite presentation bag. I’ve been looking to source an affordable box like this for a while now and I even got my album manufacturer to make a proto-type but unfortunately they missed the brief on that one! I do love this one however and it will be fabulous for a selection of baby bump, portraits or boudoir images and it comes with either cream or black custom photo mounts. How good is that?

print box by West Yorkshire portrait photographer

West Yorkshire commercial photographer: I was on a small job for MAS Design, an Otley based architectural practice, in Middleton near Ilkley to survey a barn ahead of a proposed conversion to residential. I was called in to determine whether or not there are bats or barn owls using the building ahead of planning validation. I’m often called in for this type of work as I began my photographic career capturing wildlife images (see Wildscenes for my work) and I have a lot of ecological experience but I decided while I was there to capture some architectural images of the building in its present state. I used a 10stop ND filter to create a long exposure in order to capture movement in the clouds. However, it was a very bright day and I could only really manage an exposure of around 50seconds, even at f/16! This is not quite long enough to get the clouds to go very streaky across the sky and is merely giving an effect almost like motion blur. I’ve only just started experimenting with long-exposures so I’m sure I will work out a formula soon to get me to around 3-4 minute exposures or longer. The idea is to capture soft skies or still waters around a static object. I am heading to Rotterdam shortly for 4 days and will try some long exposure techniques on the fabulous modern architecture there. For this image I used a Fuji X-T1 and a Fujinon 14mm lens.

West Yorkshire commercial photograper | Commercial photographer West Yorkshire