headshots and corporate profile images: MJMC Ltd

Last year I photographed the directors at MJMC Ltd for the company website and today I was shooting a few headshots of the newest director, Alan. The images had to be the same as the previous corporate portraits which was easy enough to do; I simply photographed against a white wall but feathered the light to get a 20% grey background and used a single speedlight into a small softbox for the key light. A snooted speedlight from high camera left provides a nice hair light and kicker. A professional profile shot like this is excellent for LinkedIn or other social media and it really pays dividends to have a good quality profile image that your clients can see. To book me for your headshot shoot or corporate images, juts call the studio on 01924 229800.

headshots & corporate portraits headshots & corporate portraits


ink girl scrapyard shoot with Sophie

I’ve had an idea for an ink girl scrapyard shoot for a while now and having recently found the location, I decided it was time to shoot. I contacted my go to ink girl, Sophie, and asked her if she fancied the shoot and she jumped at the chance for something different for her portfolio. I knew I wanted to shoot on a bright sunny day using the strong spring sunshine as a back light and to use a Profoto B1, gelled with a CTO, as a key light to make the model jump out from the scene and today was perfect. My idea was to have Sophie wearing a vest and wielding a large wrench for an authentic look, but the wrench that Richard, the yard owner, had was very heavy and a struggle for Sophie to lift! What a weed!  Worse still, the shoot was in cut off in it’s prime due to Sophie’s hay fever allergy but we got enough shots to know that this is a great location for a shoot and we will be back in the very near future. My favourite backdrop was the rusty old railway goods carriage which had the most wonderful patina and texture.

ink girl scrapyard shoot tattooed girl fashion shoot tattooed girl fashion shoot ink girl portrait on location ink girl scrapyard shoot ink girl scrapyard shoot ink girl scrapyard shoot

Kerri made a great decision to go for a profession set of headshots for LinkedIn and other web presences  for her buisness. As a photographer, I think that a professional headshot says a lot more to your clients than a selfie or worse still, a generic avatar of a silhouette! A good headshot can make you look both professional, friendly and approachable, someone your clients want to do business with. If you need a profile image for LinkedIn or your business website, just give me a call to discuss or make a booking.

headshots for LinkedIn profiles headshots photographer West Yorkshire headshots for LinkedIn Leeds headshot photographer linkedIn profile photographer

Wakefield commercial photographer violin restorer

Working as a commercial photographer, I get to photograph a variety of subjects and people and today was no exception. I was down in Newark to photograph violin maker and restorer Paul Gosling and his apprentice Florienne, a French girl living and working in Newark. Although the workshop was very small, and had little room for setting up lighting, I managed to get a speedlight in place in a small softbox and used this as a key light and matched it to the ambient light coming through the small sash window. It’s a real pleasure to see that craftsmen like Paul still exist and I watched in awe as he carved freehand the scroll for the top of a cello he was constructing from scratch by hand! Over on the other side of the room, Florienne was carefull stripping a cello down for repair using a tiny paintbrush and alcohol to disolve the ancient animal glue that held it together. Don’t get me wrong, I shoot with some VERY expensive cameras and lenses but my photography gear seems cheap and good value alongside the price of some if those vintage violins!!

restoring a cello commercial photography violin restorer commercial photography Yorkshire violin restorer commercial photography Yorkshire artisan cello maker commercial photographer Wakefield

Alt model portfolio shoot: Diana’s ink girl shoot

Di has been wanting an alt model portfolio shoot for a while and decided to book in after seeing some of my work online. The session was to include a sporty set and boudoir set and so that’s what we did :¬) I began by shooting in the white corner using the pink boxing gloves and cropped shirt before switching to the bedroom set where I used a combination of flash and tungsten to create some beautiful soft sunlight effects with lots of open shadow to add depth to the images. We finished the session with some summery high key shots in the garden and some very low key portraits that show of Di’s incredible eyes!

alt model photographer ink girl photographer ink girl photographer

boudoir photographer west Yorkshire boudoir photographer west Yorkshire ink girl photographer ink girl photographer sensual boudoir shoots Wakefield

Ink Girl photographer

model portfolio photographer Wakefield

Lighting workshops for photographers: off camera flash workshops

lighting workshops for photographers

It was only yesterday when Amy was in the studio for her first shoot in front of the camera and today she got a baptism of fire in her efforts to be a part time model when I called her up and asked her to be the model at my lighting workshop for photographers in Doncaster! Due to a mix-up, my intended model couldn’t make the shoot and so I had to ring round quickly to get a substitute at short notice. It made perfect sense to ask Amy to stand in as she was buzzing from the shoot yesterday and was looking to gain some experience so she jumped at the chance.

I was booked to give a one light workshop to Axholme Camera Club over on the Doncaster/Lincolnshire borders. We had Axholme church booked for the shoot and I was to show the delegates how to create some professional looking portraits using a single off camera flash. I kept the techniques simple so that the photographers could go away from the workshop and create beautiful portraits with just a single flash and a reflector, the sort of equipment that most photographers already own. By getting the flash in close and using the shutter to drop the ambient light, I was able to demonstrate how to get a dark background without any distractions. After the event, I gave a demo to a couple of photographers on how to create some dynamic and dramatic movie poster styled images using a single flash to overpower the sun. It was a bright sunny day and I made the shots at 1pm, just about the worst time for photography as the sun is high and harsh. However, by placing the sun behind the model and then under exposing the ambient light by a couple of stops, I was then able to use the very powerful Profoto B1 to light the model.

one light workshop lighting workshops for photographers

photography workshops Doncaster

off camera flash workshops

off camera flash workshops

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