Studio lighting demonstration at Wakefield Camera Club

Tonight I gave a studio lighting demonstration to members of Wakefield Camera Club. I usually do these for the photographic club three or four times a year to give the members a chance to have a go at creating some portraits for the portfolio or club competitions. I usually keep the lighting simple, using only a single light source or, at most, two lights. Tonight we used two lights to photograph Sarah, my model for the evening, in order to use an accent light to lift her out of the dark background. You may recognise Sarah from a shoot erlier in the year when she and her fellow performer, Will, booked me to shoot some portfolio images for their website as the Rolling Keys. Sarah is easy to work with which is why I asked if she’d help me out tonight. The shoot went well and the members enjoyed working with Sarah and I’m sure they got some great images.

If you’re interested in joining Wakefield Camera Club, take a look at their website here
studio lighting demonstration

Location fashion photography: Wakefiekl fashion photographer on location

Leeds fashion photographer

I had a really great day shooting some location fashioon photography at Burton Agnes hall today. I worked with around 5 models during the course of the day and shot in various locations around the stately home which was just the most amazing backdrop for the shoot. We had full run of the house for the day and were able to use many of the rooms as freely as we wanted which was just incredible. None of the usual ‘no flash photography’ syndrome that prevails at most stately homes and so I was able to create some images inside the house that I am really pleased with using my Profoto B1 heads fitted with a Rotalux octa or simple grid. The house opened to the public at 11:00 and so we could only shoot lingerie until then, after which we concentrated on fashion images bnoth inside and out.  The models, hair and make-up girls were all outstanding and it was one of my favourite shoots so far this year.

location glamour photographer fashion photographer Wakefield in Burton Agnes Hall Leeds fashion photographer Leeds fashion photographer fashion photography stately home fashion photography stately home buragn022 fashion photography stately home Wakefield fashion photographer Wakefield fashion photographer Wakefield fashion photographer


The image above and below were created using the Profoto B1 outside the building to give the effect of natural light coming  through the window. Using the Profoto Air trigger, the flash was easily fired and controlled from inside the building. Wakefield fashion photographer Wakefield fashion photographer portraits photography on location fashion photographer Yorkshire Wakefield fashion photographer location fashion photography Leeds fashion photographer location fashion photography Leeds fashion photographer

Wakefield PR photographer: Yorkshire Air Ambulance family fun day

I’ve worked for Yorkshire Air Ambulance a few times now in my role as a Walefield PR photographer and today I was at their family fun day which was a big party for all the friends, families and fund raisers of YAA. The event took place at the Nostell air base, just down the road from where I live, and was going to be an big outdoor jamboree but the weather put paid to that. The rain came down in torrents and the bouncy castle was more like a paddling pool and no-one had brought their swimming costunes! However, the hangars are large and the event continued uninterrupted indoors with barbeque, ice cream and family games. We were all invited to get a close-up look at the helicopters, expecially the latest one which had only just arrived at the base. As we stood in the pouring rain admiring the new craft, the siren to scramble sounded out and it was a case of quickly getting everyone off the helipad as the crew dashed to the aircraft for its maiden rescue flight. Within minutes, the craft was airborne and off into the grey skies bound for Ossett but it was a super opportunity to gets some shots of the new bird taking off. Within 45minutes, the hekicopter and crew were back and the party continued as did the torrential rain!

commercial photographer Wakefield Wakefield PR photographer Wakefield PR photographer

Commercial portrait photographer: Press shots for Redrow Homes

The thing I enjoy about being a commercial portrait photographer is the fact that I get shoot both location portraits as well as studio portraits. Working on location to create press shots for companies and individuals is always a challenge that I enjoy as it forces me to think quickly and creatively. Active PR recently commissioned me for another shoot for Redrow Homes, in fact, they tried to commission me a few weeks ago but I was unable to do the shoot as I was in France. When this happens it’s always a worry as it means they have to use another photographer and often then, agencies just go with whomever they last used. However, they were really pleased with my last set of images I shot for Redrow over at South Milford and sent me a nice thank you note and, kindly, have come back to me for this PR job. It’s very satisfying when I know the client was pleased with my work.

The brief this time was to photograph three key staff at the Horsforth Vale site to illustrate an article on how the project has created a lot of jobs in the area. I chose to stand the three guys infront of scaffolding with other workers in the background to illustrate that there are many tradesmen on site. I also shot the three without people in the background, plus I did individual location portraits. The ambient was really soft and allowed me to hit the subject with a small burst of OCF to lift the shadows and punch the colours and I used 24mm to 200mm to get some differnt effects on the portrait shots.

To book me for your commercial portrait photography, just call the studio on 01924 229800 to discuss.

West Yorkshire commercial photographer commercial portrait photographer on location Wakefield commercial photographer Wakefield commercial photographer commercial portrait phortographer

Wakefield Commercial photographer: Press shots for the Wilkes Group

As a Wakefield commercial photographer, I’ve done several shoots for The Wilkes Group over the years, including the wedding photography of two of the directors! Today I was on site at their Ossett head office to create some PR shots for a press release on their celebrating 70yrs in business. I took a variety of shots outside the building so that there was branding in the background but I had noticed a painting of the founder of company on the reception wall. Using this as a backdrop, I took some contemporary portraits inside the reception before finishing with some informal shots in the boardroom. These shots were required for the website and were to show the directors relaxed and informal; I think the photos hit the brief.

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Wakefield commercial photographer

commercial photography Wakefield commercial photography Wakefield commercial photography YorkshireWa

Wakefield wedding photographer: Vanessa and Kevin at Woolley Church

It’s not often as a Wakefield wedding photographer that I get such a wet wedding as this one, but it was August bank holiday and a wedding in a marquee so I guess it was inevitable. However, the weather didn’t put a dampener on the celebrations and the rain even eased up for an hour when we got to the reception and Vanessa was a great sport and went out in the wet fields for the photos! The day started fine, bright and sunny and the forecast said the rain wouldn’t arrive until late afternoon and would be a brief shower. In fact it came as we arrived at church and was so torrential by 16:00hrs, we had to stop the speeches while a mic was rigged up as we couldn’t hear anyone above the sound of the rain lashing on the marquee roof!

The day began round at Vanessa’s parent’s house where we caught up with the girls during hair and make-up. With prep shots and detail shots under the belt, we moved on to a few shots of the girls in their PJs before the task of getting into the dress commenced. Leaving the bride to do some last minute retouches, we headed up to Woolley Church for the second time in two weeks to catch up with Kevin and the boys. It was at this point the sky darkened and a few spots of rain began to fall but we managed the groom shots and the bride arriving before anything really happened with the weather. However, as we left church it was pouring down and we decided to head straight to the marquee at Bretton and try to get some shots there.

We’d finished a few formal family shots and just begun on the bridal party shots using the marquee entrance as the location when the rain suddenly stopped. We made the most of it and took Vanessa and Kevin out into the wet fields for the shoot and followed this by getting everyone out for the confetti shot. The rain stayed off long enough for the guests to enjoy an hour or so outside to mingle, chat and have a good time before heading in for the wedding breakfast. It was during the meal when the heavens really opened and the rain never abated for the rest of the night. As we left after first dance, the field was getting very soggy and it took me a few attempts to get my car out – I’m guessing by midnight, many of the guests would have required a tractor to get their cars out, Who knows? They may still be there ;¬)

Here’s a selection of images that we managed on a very wet day and it just goes to show that not even torrential rain can spoil a really good event!

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